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What are your eventual career goals?

Ideally? I'd like to start or join a very small company that makes neat stuff that's widely used to increase the happiness of everybody on the planet - stuff that's leading edge, and never goes obsolete. (Yes, I'm kidding... mostly.) I'd like the company to be relatively equally owned by all the employees, myself included, with no outside investment. I'd like the company to focus on two things: making its customers happy, and making its employees happy, with no focus on profit for its own sake. (I think a company that does that will make gobs of profit anyway.) I'd like to be one of the Lead Engineers and Idea Guys in the R&D department, and never have to worry about job security. I'd like to stay at this same company for the entire rest of my career, and have the job never go stale, and the company never move or collapse or get very big, and to retire comfortably (say, with a net worth of $600K present day dollars) at around age 60, well respected in my field, so I could design games all day. After that, I'd like to live forever, and start a bunch more careers (I'm sure new and interesting ones will arise...).

Obviously, that's not going to happen. (At least not unless a miracle occurs, my company invents the latter-day equivalent of the light bulb, and major changes occur in world economics, culture, and medical technology.) I think I'll settle for enjoying my job throughout my entire career, and retiring comfortably from some cool company at age 70, where I may or may not be one of the Lead Engineers in R&D -- but at least everybody there respects me and my ideas, and they actually get implemented on occasion. And living to a healthy 112. Medical technology should be able to pull that off by then.