Douglas Hoover's Hypertext Resume and Virtual Interview

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Current Job Search Status:
I have recently started work at 1st Playable Productions, and do not expect to be in the job market again for quite some time.

Apologies that some of the site content is not completely up-to-date, but as I am quite happy with my current job (and got it with only a first draft of an updated resume anyway), it hasn't been a priority. That draft is available here. My full hypertext resume will probably not be updated until I need it, which could be a while.

Welcome to my informal employer info page -- I'm gratified that you are interested in me enough to take a look. Thanks! This site is designed to supply you with everything you could possibly want to know (and probably lots more) about my history, qualifications, talents, and personality. Look in depth at whatever specifics particularly interest you...

To avoid information overload, check my recommendations on how to use this site.

My standard resume is available here for download or for printing (MS Word 2000 format). Please feel free to pass copies on to anyone you think might be interested (or just send them the URL for this page).

My academic transcript and a list of references are also here for your perusal.

For a look at what I do when I'm not working, check out my home page.

If you wish to contact me for an interview (or for any other reason), you can send me e-mail at or contact me by US Mail or phone. My schedule is rather packed right now, but with good cause, some time can certainly be arranged.

Virtual Interview

Lots of information that you would more commonly find out in an interview can be found here, in informal conversational format. It has purposefully been written mostly "train of thought" and only lightly edited, to maintain the proper feel. Hopefully, it should give you a good idea what I'm like (although normally I'm a little more modest -- I figured this wasn't the place for it).

Ask me....

Ask me...  What are you looking for in a job?
Ask me...  Tell me about yourself.
Ask me...  What do you think is your biggest weakness? Your greatest strength?
Ask me...  Your resume is full of technical qualifications... what about the ability to work with other people?
Ask me...  What do you think makes a good leader? Are you one?
Ask me...  What are your eventual career goals?
Ask me...  Are you willing to do what it takes to assure that aggressive schedules are met?
Ask me...  Why did you leave your previous jobs?
Ask me...  You come across as an almost classical technical geek. Do you actually have a life? What do you do in your spare time?
Ask me...  Are you willing to relocate?
Ask me...  Will there be any complications if you need a security clearance?
Ask me...  When can you start?   (I can dream, can't I?)

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