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Are you willing to relocate?


I would prefer to stay in 1) the area of Albany, NY; 2) The northeastern United States (other preferred areas would be the Philadelphia area, the Boston area, and the Washington, D.C. area); 3) The U.S.A.   Why? Simply because I have quite a lot of friends here, and I would prefer not to leave them. There are certainly no absolutes, however. If the job is sufficiently good (and/or the money is really ridiculous), I'll go practically anywhere (see: my perfect job). I can always make new friends somewhere else -- but since I have a rare taste in friends (not many people like to play the way I do), it usually takes a while to find a lot of them. It's one of the reasons I don't like moving around much. I also like the climate here in the northeast, believe it or not (it's usually cool enough). I am certainly willing to move, but the further it is, the niftier the company and the project will have to be. I'd be really happy to work on the CYC project, for example - even if I did have to move to Texas to do it.